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Try to imagine that the universe is one infinite consciousness – like one infinite conscious entity but not in the human sense. A type of being that’s barely conceivable to us. Not part of a population, civilization or even a family – one infinite, ever changing and expanding consciousness.

Those of a negative orientation such as the extremely wealthy elite who hoard much wealth and resources, and exert power and control over many, would not promote oneness. They thrive on separateness so that we are selfish, feed our egos continuously, buy material goods in an attempt to find happiness, and are enslaved to an economic system that suffocates spiritual growth and in turn oneness. If every human came together with an understanding of oneness we would be rightly all equal in love and understanding.



If you hear people from my past speak of me, keep in mind they are speaking of a person they don’t even know anymore.

Drop a if you have evolved and raised your vibration from where you once were 🙏

~ Artist Unknown ~



When something bad happens you have three choices:

1. You can let it define you.

2. You can let it destroy you.

3. You can let it strengthen you.

The choice is yours.

Life is about evolving. Don’t stay in a situation that’s not helping you grow mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

It’s Time To Let Go

Are you still holding onto that hurtful comment, that moment of disappointment or that rude encounter? When you hold onto anything your attention will begin to subtly rest upon it which will begin to allow into your life and even more things that feel like that. Holding onto anything, especially that which causes you pain or upset, is not only tiring but it is also stagnating your growth, sabotaging your peace and stealing your joy. Ultimately you won’t find peace by holding onto anything. Let it go and reach for your happiness, peace and purpose.


Alignment is so much more than just being intune with your authentic existence. It’s infinitely more real than just tuning in to your purpose. It’s vibrating at it’s finest, pulsating love & joy so much so that the reality around you shifts & everything is glowing inside of you, causing a shimmering ripple effect in all the life encompassing you, enabling you to receive & create at your full potential.

It all starts with awareness, awareness of yourself & all that is, you have to recognise the courage inside yourself to face the ‘you’ that you have become & accept responsibility for all of it in order to change the lense you view life from. It does not mean giving up all the things you love or like nor does it mean sacrificing what you see for yourself. It just means that you choose to see this world/reality as your playground & choose to adapt to the idea that it’s a beautiful time to be alive & play with every aspect of it.

Words via ✨ Soul Smiles Yoga


Perception is the bridge between creating your own suffering vs creating your own well being.

via Soul Smiles Yoga