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Sit very quietly; do not force yourself to sit quietly, but sit or lie down quietly without force of any kind. Then watch your thinking. Watch what you are thinking about. Follow your thoughts and enquire why each thought arises. Do not try to change your thinking. See why certain thoughts arise in your mind so that you begin to understand the meaning of every thought and feeling without any enforcement. Just watch.

And then it happens…

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Living our life fully and deeply requires courage. If we cannot be happy right now, we need to ask ourselves why. We need to find out what it is. What’s weighing us down or pulling us away from the present moment?

Thich Nhat Hanh

You cannot think clearly if you are prejudiced, if you have opinions. You cannot think clearly if you are not sensitive: sensitive to nature, sensitive to all the things that are happening around you, sensitive not only to what is happening outside you but also inside you. If you are not sensitive, if you are not aware, you cannot think clearly.

J. Krishnamurti

When I press my hand to my chest, it is your chest.



Two atoms may collide and separate, never to meet again. Others can stick together by virtue of the chemical bonds they form, until the day that bond is broken. But there is another type of connection that is far more powerful and romantic. Certain objects can become linked by a mysterious process called entanglement. Particles that become entangled are deeply connected regardless of the distance between them. If they become separated by the width of the Universe, the bond between them remains intact. These particles are so deeply linked that it’s as if they somehow share the same existence.

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When you hate, your ego is fulfilled. The ego can exist only if it hates, because in hating you feel superior, in hating you become separate. In hating you attain a certain identify. In love the ego has to disappear. In love you are no longer separate—love helps you to dissolve with others. It is a meeting and a merger.