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Yogi Turtle-


There is a brightness that you can absorb when you get out of bed early. The light is soft, and the birds are talkative; not to mention it is the perfect time to drink coffee (Especially through the hot Australian Summer).聽

If you are dressed and out the door early too, you could treat yourself to seeing the sunrise. A beautiful act of space theatre that occurs without fail each day, yet many of us miss it or worse – take it for granted.聽

We feel like we are stressed and busy all the time these days, yet rarely take the time to slow down and appreciate what we have. Not personally, but as a species. We exist within a seemingly impossible bubble of matter we call a planet that just so happens to be able to support life. I could think of no better way to be thankful for this than waking up, looking at the sky, and taking a deep breath.

I鈥檓 grateful for this opportunity to exist. I am thankful for the connections I have with others, human or not. We are in this together.

A beautiful, meditative reflection for the Thanksgiving season. 馃寘