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Attract love, guided meditation by Kelly Howel…

Attract love, guided meditation by Kelly Howell.

Love yourself

Love yourself

Yogi Frog-

Yogi Frog-

🎧 Library Study Session | 8 HOURS asmr Ambien…

🎧 Library Study Session | 8 HOURS asmr Ambience (writing, page-turning, paper crinkle sounds)

8 hours of a relaxing asmr ambience of a study session in a library. Feel like you are studying in a library as you listen to the tingle-inducing sounds of writing, page-turning and paper crinkles (recorded with a Tascam mic). Great as a study aid or work aid. Enjoy!

🎧 Cozy Night In | 8 HOURS Relaxing asmr Ambie…

🎧 Cozy Night In | 8 HOURS Relaxing asmr Ambience (fireplace, crinkle sounds)

A relaxing asmr ambience of a cozy night in. Wind down as you listen to the fire crackling, the tingle-inducing crinkles of the plastic bag and the sounds of crunchy chips and hot chocolate. Enjoy.

🎧 Romantic Date Ambience: 8 HOUR Valentine&rs…

🎧 Romantic Date Ambience: 8 HOUR Valentine’s Day asmr Soundscape (restaurant, tea, fire, cake sound)

A romantic date asmr ambience inspired by Valentine’s Day. Listen to the crickets chirping in the night and the fire crackling in the candles as you enjoy a piece of cake and tea with your loved one. Enjoy.



themiracleforest: Hand in hand, my demon an…


Hand in hand, my demon and I walk.

It is wired into us to turn away from the negative. To try to avoid anything painful, uncomfortable or anything we label as “bad.”

But is working to make our lives as pain-free as possible a useful aspiration?

Most of my life, I struggled with anxiety. When I was little, I thought it was how every human felt. When I grew up and it got worse, I just wanted it to go away. Every thought, every feeling associated with it, I just wanted to forget it and never remember it again like a useless memory that slips from the mind unnoticed.

But that never happened. Because trying to forget is basically the very act of remembering.

Then I realized that life was very much like a Chinese finger trap–the more you want to leave something behind, the more stuck you get to it. What you resist persists. What you fight, you strengthen. That kind of thing.

Many people choose not to keep up with current events, because the state of the world we live in can be devastating sometimes. Many choose not to educate themselves about how their food is made or what the plastic bottles they throw in the trash does to the world. Or about what a single offensive word can cause another human being to feel and why. Because why plague our minds with such negative things, right?

I was once in a very low place myself, when I couldn’t handle the tragedies of the world, so I chose to surround myself with positivity. I needed uplifting, because I was trying to crawl out of a hole I had sunk into too deeply. And before I could turn toward the pain of the whole world, I had to gather the courage to slowly turn toward my own.

Only after facing our own tragedy can we turn toward the tragedy of others.

Life is not homogeneous. It is made up of joy and sorrow. Of happiness and pain. Of positive and negative. If we are only seeing one side, our lives are incomplete.

It is so easy to get stuck in pain, which is the very reason we chase happiness. But neither is complete without the other. Wanting to be happy all the time means wanting to live in a lie.

There are so many horrors in this world. Just as many horrors as there are wonders. When someone is hurt, there will be people rushing to their aid. When someone’s rights are threatened, crowds will come together in protest. A tree falls in a storm at one side of the Earth, and a flower grows from the concrete on the other. A lion is shot by hunters, and another is rescued by environmental activists. As Thich Nhat Hanh said, “It would be a pity if we were only aware of suffering.”

I think it’s important to add that it’s also a pity to only chase happiness and turn away from pain. Because only by allowing ourselves to live through pain can we experience the other side of the coin–happiness.

When we have an aversion to discomfort, pain, embarrassment, suffering or anything “negative,” a fear lingers in the backdrop of our lives like a constant demon behind our backs we are too scared to turn around and face. And with a demon behind one’s back, who could be carefree, at peace and happy? Read the rest>>

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🎧 Winter Forest Ambience | 8 HOURS Relaxing a…

🎧 Winter Forest Ambience | 8 HOURS Relaxing asmr Soundscape

8 hours of a relaxing magical winter forest ambience. Listen to the snow softly falling from the frozen trees as woodland animals sometimes make themselves heard in the snow. Great as a study aid, relaxation aid or sleep aid. Enjoy.

themiracleforest: Nothing Is What We Thou…


Nothing Is What We Thought: 3 Tips for Our Issues 

The more I learn about how the human mind works, the more baffled I am that we are never taught anything about it.

Bullying, friendship and relationship drama, low self-worth, anxiety–issues most us face growing up would be much easier to deal with if we learned about the human mind, thus understanding ourselves and others better. A lack of understanding only causes these early life experiences to grow into bigger issues in adulthood.

As an adult, I see how many issues I have. And I also see that they all stem from my early life. Some from my childhood, some from my teenage years and some from young adulthood.

We all go through different experiences, and it is important to learn to process these experiences in a healthy way so that we don’t draw faulty conclusions from them that stick with us for a lifetime. So that if someone says that we are ugly, we will not store that away in our minds as fact. Or when people make us feel uncomfortable, we don’t develop a habit out of shaming ourselves for our feelings.

1. Nothing is what we think

We look at our thoughts as truths. We don’t doubt them, and if anyone else doubts them, we get outraged. We think we remember the past and see the future. Because if it’s in our heads, then it’s bound to be true.

But our memories are only distortions of the past. And we never know what will happen in the future. 

The feelings we are so afraid of–they are not like we think. Fear is not as scary as we think. Pain is not as painful as we imagine. Love cannot be thought. So many things in life can only be experienced, yet we believe that how we picture them is how they really are.

Just because we think something, doesn’t not make it true. An opinion is not a fact. Thoughts don’t come to life. And what we think doesn’t define us at all–what we do does.

2. Feelings are not shameful

It is especially prominent in our society that we are required to hide our feelings, because we are supposed to act in a certain way. How unnatural and harmful.

We see this all the time with social roles like gender roles, but the same kind of thinking manifests in many unnoticed areas in our lives.

Any sort of “negative” feeling is frowned upon. We shouldn’t be sad or anxious, and if we are, we should learn to hide it or pop a pill to just make it stop. It’s unacceptable to feel. Feelings have become a sort of social plague that people cannot face neither in themselves nor in others. It’s absurd, because it is the most natural part of being a person.

We are supposed to shun what makes us human. No wonder we have issues. Read more>>

 (via Nothing Is What We Thought: 3 Tips for Our Issues)