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Attract love, guided meditation by Kelly Howell.

Love yourself

Yogi Frog-

🎧 Library Study Session | 8 HOURS asmr Ambience (writing, page-turning, paper crinkle sounds)

8 hours of a relaxing asmr ambience of a study session in a library. Feel like you are studying in a library as you listen to the tingle-inducing sounds of writing, page-turning and paper crinkles (recorded with a Tascam mic). Great as a study aid or work aid. Enjoy!

🎧 Cozy Night In | 8 HOURS Relaxing asmr Ambience (fireplace, crinkle sounds)

A relaxing asmr ambience of a cozy night in. Wind down as you listen to the fire crackling, the tingle-inducing crinkles of the plastic bag and the sounds of crunchy chips and hot chocolate. Enjoy.

🎧 Romantic Date Ambience: 8 HOUR Valentine’s Day asmr Soundscape (restaurant, tea, fire, cake sound)

A romantic date asmr ambience inspired by Valentine’s Day. Listen to the crickets chirping in the night and the fire crackling in the candles as you enjoy a piece of cake and tea with your loved one. Enjoy.