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Soul is the spirit that has been touched by awareness.

Spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream of thought.

Thank you to all of you for showing support and understanding for what Ethereal Meditation stands for! I love all of you! Keep up the good vibes and never forget we are all one in this game! Much love ♥

Meditation is a way of enhancing self-awareness and promoting your emotional health, you can meditate anywhere; this encourages broadened awareness of all aspects of your environment, train of thought and sense of self.


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Be your pure self;


Forever & Always

Never stop creating, emanate, build with your realest feelings and intentions. Your empire will take place and you’ll be in control of your life. Choose wisely, don’t let anyone interfere with your truest desire; as an outcome of living your life in complete alignment… Your true will it’s going to take place.

All problems are illusions of the mind.

Contemplation is the highest expression of man’s intellectual and spiritual life. It is that life itself, fully awake, fully active, fully aware that it is alive. It is a spiritual wonder. It is spontaneous awe at the sacredness of life, of being. It is gratitude for life, for awareness and for being.

Attract love, guided meditation by Kelly Howell.