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What is meant for you will happen for you in a way which we could never expect or explain. Nothing can get in the way of it and how it will enter your life. Just be in a state of constant gratitude and focus your mind on your vision. Believe in it.



“The fact that there is a BEGINNING and an END is just a concept seeded into your mind by society. YOU are Constant, Continuous, Infinite Energy and Energy never ends it TRANSFORMS.”

faronmckenzie: “The universe responds to our …


“The universe responds to our inner yearnings by mysteriously bringing people into our life to answer our questions and help quell our conflicts. Every time you follow your intuition, your personal vibration intensifies. This can be likened to turning up the volume on a stereo. The more your personal vibration is intensified the more you will pull people into your life who carry messages for you. It is a universal law.” ~ Denise Linn



I am responsible for my feelings. My actions and reactions to a situation are a reflection of where my I am emotionally. Whether negative or positive only I can control my perception of a problem or a solution. Therefore I choose to feel love, I choose to have patience, I choose be at peace.


Love In Darkness

With each experience comes greater learning and growth, learning to love someone in their darkness is one of the greatest lessons of all, it’s a conflict not many of us know how to face.

If we are focused on their darkeness we are pulled out of our light and that’s when it can become draining, it also creates an environment where the other person uses you as their point of light and steps out of their own alignment. Without realizing we disempower them by the underlying desire to fix them, it’s who we are, naturally we will bring light and people will always gravitate to that but if we aren’t careful we will be pulled into their darkness and rather than guide them through their learning we try to absorb and live it for them.

We don’t see people as they are we see them for who we know they are underneath but what we have to remember is not everyone is ready to be seen. Accepting people in all their mess and allowing them the space to heal and resolve is the hardest thing to do, trusting yourself enough to stay in your own alignment no matter where the person goes in that darkness’s is the lesson, your light will always bring them back but should you waver then neither of you can find the commonality required to heal the space.

Art by @newagevoyager

Words by Elisha Rickard



50 Affirmations to Raise Your Vibration.

Find a quiet place and recite the following…

1. ‘I am kind-hearted’

2. ‘I am gentle’

3. ‘I am loving’

4. ‘I am beautiful’

5. ‘I make a difference in the life of those around me’

6. ‘I am stronger than all that has crossed me’

7. ‘I am alive, I am here’

8. ‘I am enough’

9. ‘I am aware of my surroundings’

10. ‘I am passionate’

11. ‘I am connected to all’

12. ‘It is a miracle I was born. I am a miracle’

13. ‘I understand myself’

14. ‘I am loved’

15. ‘I possess valuable skills’

16. ‘I am centered and grounded’

17. ‘I am successful’

18. ‘My life is going smoothly’

19. ‘I am brave’

20. ‘I help others reach their fullest potential’

21. ‘I am patient’

22. ‘I need nothing and attract everything’

23. ‘I am safe’

24. ‘I am creative’

25. ‘I am a good friend’

26. ‘I recognize the needs in my community and help’

27. ‘I am who I am supposed to be’

28. ‘I honour my intuition’

29. ‘I release all of my worry, fear, and regret’

30. ‘I am calm and feel peace inside me’

31. ‘I am whole’

32. ‘I have my life balanced’

33. ‘I radiate healing energy’

34. ‘I inspire myself’

35. ‘I am truthful, honest, and genuine’

36. ‘I am full of vitality’

37. ‘My immune system is active and healthy’

38. ‘I can do anything and everything I set my mind to’

39. ‘I am a new person every time I wake up’

40. ‘I spend my time preciously, doing the things I find fulfilling’

41. ‘I listen to my heart’

42. ‘I listen to my body’

43. ‘I accept the past and move on’

44. ‘I am abundant’

45. ‘I have learned form my mistakes, and from the mistakes of others’

46. ‘I can detach myself when necessary’

47. ‘I listen when nature speaks’

48. ‘My mind is cleared of all negative thoughts’

49. ‘I am pure and clean’

50. ‘I am renewed’



A great attitude becomes a great mood which becomes a great day which becomes a great year which becomes a great life.


The Placebo Effect is scientific proof that we have the ability to heal ourselves. Our thoughts are powerful enough to bring things into existence.





“When you find the emotion of it, you have found the vibration of it” ~ Abraham Hicks”