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I’ve been hard-wired to believe the amount of money I make in life will determine how successful I am as a person and how good my life will be. I realize this isn’t true now but it’s still hard to suppress this way of thinking. Any tips? The career I have in mind isn’t as much pay as others but it’s something I’m passionate about.

dear—the problem with us is that, we run after “how things should be” and we escape “how things are” we live by looking at others, we are always stuck in the past or in the future, we hardly know what we want, we don’t know ourselves—money is important, but it’s not the most important thing, so take a look at your mind, why does it work like it has been working—


Everyone’s experience of awakening is unique, evidence of which is often inexplicable. You want to share this new discovery, however, you fear being judged and ridiculed. Remember your life path is your own and the people that are judgemental and the things that no longer serve your higher calling will fall away as you raise your vibration. Do not resist, practise the art of allowing, journey inwards and let your inner-guidance system navigate your evolution.

By @faronmckenzie