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A very good practice for preventing anger in the first place is to become masterful at listening.

Gyalwang Drukpa

To make no mistakes is not in the power of humans; but from their errors and mistakes the wise and the good learn wisdom for the future.


As bees store up honey, you gathered wealth. But after you’re dead, this is what’s said, ‘Take away the corpse. It stinks.’

While you are busy perfuming your body with sandalwood, someone else is chopping the wood for your funeral.


GUIDED MEDITATION: Deep Relaxation for Body and Mind 

A guided meditation for relaxing the body and the mind. Enjoy ♥

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This body that you’re fussing over, this body that you’re beautifying, this body that you’re wearing to the party, this body will end as ash.

Lal Ded

Ten Spiritual Tonics

1. Stop worrying. Worry kills life.

2. Begin each day with a prayer. It will arm your soul.

3. Control appetite. Over-indulgence clogs body and mind.

4. Accept your limitations.

5. Don’t envy. It wastes time and energy.

6. Have faith in people. Cynicism sours the disposition.

7. Find a hobby. It will relax your nerves.

8. Read a book a week to stimulate imagination and broaden your views.

9. Spend some time alone for the peace of solitude and silence.

10. Try to want what you have, instead of spending your strength trying to get what you want.