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What do we mean when we say that the mind wanders? Simply that thought is everlastingly enticed from one attraction to another, from one association to another, and is in constant agitation. Is it possible for thought to come to an end?

Woundmate vs Heartmate

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When you fall in love everything looks beautiful, because in those moments you don’t put conditions. Two persons move near each other unconditionally. Once they have settled, once they have started taking each other for granted, then conditions are imposed: “You should be like this, you should be like that, only then will i love"—as if love is a bargain.


Without your possessions, success, fame—who are you? You don’t know. You are your name, you are your fame, you are your prestige, your power. But other than these who are you? So this whole possessiveness becomes your identity. It gives you a false sense of being. That’s the ego.

The person you fall in love with soon becomes the object of your craving. But sexual desire is not the same as love, and sexual relations motivated by craving can never dissipate the feeling of loneliness, but only create more suffering and isolation.

Thich Nhat Hanh

I would love guidance/advice on: (1) How do you teach yourself to be unattached? Is this healthy when it comes to romantic relationships, family, friends, etc.? Shouldn't humans feel attached to something? Or should the "something" to be attached to be not physical things like people, items, money, etc? … Lastly, when you love someone so much, how do you not let them affect you? Your thoughts, your actions, your feelings? Thank you, Namaste

namaste, dear—love isn’t attachment, attachment is of the mind, attachment is using someone to eradicate your loneliness, which isn’t love, love is love, love is simple, love is being, love is eternal—

I think I feel to many things because of a person. Everything she does, reflects on me. I don’t want to fight this battle anymore

dear—relax, you’re just attached, the more you struggle against your feelings, the more intense they will get, don’t react so much on them, let them be, it’s up to you to let go—