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I plan everything. I have a daily/weekly/month…

I plan everything. I have a daily/weekly/monthly planner I wrote everything in, a calendar by my bed, and a journal I try to write in daily. It keeps me organized and at times, I love it but, I sometimes feel too organized. How can I let be but also stay organized in life without feeling disconnected? Is it wrong to want to stay organized all the time?

dear, can you stand in the middle of the problem fearlessly? can you face being alone? looking at chaos without flickering? totally aware and not looking for solutions? can you?

ok so I didn't get any advice from u. so …

ok so I didn't get any advice from u. so I just stuck with telling her I still luv her. regardless how she responded I feel so much better getting it off my chest. it was the fair and right thing to do.

dear—i’m sorry i get a lot of messages, asks, and questions, i try to answer whatever and whenever i can, apologies; i’m happy for you, you don’t need me, you need yourself, just be—

I’ve been hard-wired to believe the amou…

I’ve been hard-wired to believe the amount of money I make in life will determine how successful I am as a person and how good my life will be. I realize this isn’t true now but it’s still hard to suppress this way of thinking. Any tips? The career I have in mind isn’t as much pay as others but it’s something I’m passionate about.

dear—the problem with us is that, we run after “how things should be” and we escape “how things are” we live by looking at others, we are always stuck in the past or in the future, we hardly know what we want, we don’t know ourselves—money is important, but it’s not the most important thing, so take a look at your mind, why does it work like it has been working—

Hello and thank you for your time. May i ask y…

Hello and thank you for your time. May i ask your thoughts on the following, I've been married for 10yrs, we have a child together at one point we were separated for 4 years, during this time i became very close to a family friend, we fell in love, but i couldn't divorce my husband for my friend, my hubby and i got back together which devastated my friend & he ran off & had a child with a cow of a woman. I feel so guilty.

dear—guilt comes into play when we make rash decisions, when we don’t think and act, we need to look at ourselves first, our thoughts, and feelings, the workings of our mind, before making any decision, so please take time out and face your self without bias or any judgements, just be—

My mother is dying before my eyes and there is…

My mother is dying before my eyes and there is nothing we can do but be there for her. She’s young. She’s strong. She was healthy. It’s all so confusing and I find myself staring at her repeating “I don’t understand, this doesn’t make sense, this isn’t real” over and over in my head.

dear—i won’t talk about reincarnation or soul or anything here, i’ll tell you what helped me when my mother died recently; death is inevitable and unavoidable, this entire life is a preparation for death, but we always think we have time, and when death actually comes, we are thrown off balance into sorrow and misery—your mother is alive in you, just like all your ancestors, please don’t get lost in your grief, it’s okay, stay strong, just be—

I'm an empath and lately everything affec…

I'm an empath and lately everything affects me real bad. How can I mediate this situation? I hate crying in front of people and I have been doing it regularly this days. What can I do? Sometimes people doesn't understand this and thinks that I'm weak but I'm not, I just feel everything too much.

dear—why do you wish to be something else, when you already are something; you’re sensitive, and that’s a good thing, empathy is in short supply these days, it’s okay to cry, just be yourself, just be—

how do I react to someone disrespecting me for…

how do I react to someone disrespecting me for being Buddhist/Buddhism in general? It's happened far more than I'd like to say 🙁 I always try to be polite and remind myself that what they think shouldn't affect me, but I don't know any other Buddhists beyond my family to get advice from!!

dear, don’t call yourself a buddhist, buddha never called himself that—we have been conditioned to measure and fragment things based on our minds, which is shallow and superficial, hence all humankind is sort of divided; you have an image about yourself, and when someone insults you, that so called illusory image gets hurt, that’s just ego dear, next time, someone insults you, be aware completely, totally aware, without judging and then see for yourself what happens, just be—

My boyfriend broke up with me around 8 weeks a…

My boyfriend broke up with me around 8 weeks ago, 2 weeks before i left to go overseas for 2 months. Between the stress of settling in and trying to figure this new city out, i forgot about everything and now all of the sadness is coming back – i dont think i gave myself enough time to deal with it. How can i combine being mindful of my feelings but also forgetting them?

ah, how restless our minds are dear—always looking for an escape, always some form of activity to do, to stay preoccupied, but when we are alone, the mind chatters, and that scares us; don’t run away dear, face these feelings without judgement and bias and see what happens—

I need advice that speaks to me and makes sens…

I need advice that speaks to me and makes sense. I’m in love with everything about her. I love how she’s independent. I love her attitude. I love how she gets worried about where I’m at or if I’m being safe when I’m sneaking around in the night. I love driving with her and pulling over to talk and lose our minds for awhile. But she doesn’t know how much I adore her presence, her personality, and all of her. I’m afraid telling her will change us forever. My intuition is speaking..what do I do?

anxiety isn’t love, dear—and after being rejected, then changing your feelings about the one who rejected you, also isn’t love; you know why you’re worried, don’t complicate, tell her, and just be—

How can I give love and kindness everyday?

How can I give love and kindness everyday?

just love, just be kind dear—what else is required? just be—