You can go through your whole life not even kn…

You can go through your whole life not even knowing you HAVE bullshit, or you can spend time meditating regularly and start to recognize it.  Awareness is 75% of the battle when you’re trying to change something about yourself, so obviously you can’t evolve and mature without awareness.  Examples of bullshit would include stories (many of which rise to the level of outright lies) you tell yourself and believe, criticism and judgment of yourself and others, habitual ways of responding to triggers, unreasonable fears, and, best of all, letting your ego run the show.  Your own personal bullshit can, of course, take other forms, but you get the idea.  The point is that you have to actually LOOK at it, stick your toe in it, watch it, and see it for what it is.

The way meditation can work is you sit and breathe and watch what bubbles up.  It takes time and practice, but eventually you begin to recognize the endlessly repeating stories, the same thoughts that arise again and again, the same fears, the same judgments.  You begin to see that your thoughts are just these things your brain spews out all day.  Your perceptions and opinions aren’t iron-clad and can actually change.  You can learn to be kinder to yourself and others.  You can allow things to be as they are and not fight and struggle and try to control everything all the time.  You can start to have “aha” moments where you say, “OMG that’s actually total bullshit!  That’s not really true!  I don’t actually have to respond that way!  I can allow him/her to be just as they are!  I think I’ll let that shit go.”

So go ahead, get up close and personal with your own bullshit.  It’s OK to be human, so no need to judge yourself about this too.  It’s just all about noticing.